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The Raise3D Pro2 plus is the improved and renewed version of the Raise3D N2 plus. The Pro2 plus has received some new features such as a filament run-out sensor, a renewed build plate system and a renewed printhead. In addition, the Raise3D Pro2 plus also has a generous build volume and also delivers this printer a consistent, high print quality. Read below why this Raise3D 3D printer is used so much by companies.

Why choose this Raise3D Pro2 Plus 3D printer?

  • Excellent quality and accuracy of up to 10 microns (0.01 mm).

  • Improved print quality thanks to the extruder lifting system.

  • The filament sensor ensures your order automatically pauses when the filament runs out.

  • Huge building volume of 30.5 x 30.5 x 60 cm.

  • All-metal hotend for print temperatures up to 300˚C, because of this the choice of filaments is very extensive.

  • Wireless control via Wi-Fi.

  • Power failure is no longer a problem thanks to the power failure protection.

  • Monitor your 3D print job anywhere, anytime with the built-in camera.

What is new to the Raise3D Pro2 Plus?

  • Improved dual extruder.
  • Other printhead. 
  • Renewed motion control. 
  • Improved build plate system.
  • HEPA filter and camera. 

Advanced dual extrusion

The dual extrusion system has been significantly improved on the Raise3D Pro2 plus. It was possible with the predecessor happen that the 2e printhead got in the way. Thanks to the renewed system, the unused printhead is retracted. This can prevent your no longer damage prints. The retraction distance is 1.5mm and the retraction speed is less than one second. So thanks to this improvement you can enjoy the dual extruder without the burdens that came with the predecessor.

Renewed printhead

The print head is at several points improved. For example, the hot-end isolation has been improved and there is a filament as standard run-out sensor in the upgraded printhead. This allows the raise3D Pro2 plus to be fine handle many different filaments. From PLA and ABS to Nylon and carbon reinforced filaments. The layer resolution can be set between 10 and 250 microns. Thanks to the filament run-out sensor, you will receive a notification when the filament running out.

The Generation Motion Control

Also the generation motion control system has been improved. This allows you to enjoy a improved thermal execution of the print jobs. Also expires operation and the resolution of your prints even more precise than you were used to.

It redesigned build plate system

The print surface has remained unchanged. So you still enjoy the spacious build volume of 305x305x600mm. The print bed itself has been adapted. Raise3D has done its utmost to prevent warping yet more to avoid. The silicone heating bed ensures that the heat gradually distributed over the entire construction area. In addition, this also extends the service life and improves the first layer adhesion.

Built-in camera and air filter

Thanks to the air filter purifies 91% of the air particles. This of course takes care of it for a more pleasant working environment. In addition, a camera is also built in. So that you can keep an eye on your print job anywhere, anytime.

What has been optimized?

In addition to these new features the old ones have also been optimized.

Interactive operation, nearby and on distance.

The operation of this 3D printer is easy and fast via the 7 ”touchscreen. You can adjust various settings via the menu. The raise3D Pro2 plus 3D printer can also be connected via WiFi or ethernet. As a result, you can now also adjust the print settings remotely.

3D printing without power

Printing completely without electricity is of course not possible. It is true that the Raise3D Pro2 plus can continue printing during a power failure. This will be made possible by a li-on battery in this 3D printer. Thanks to this Power Loss Protection system you are optimally protected against temporary power issues.

Powerful slicing software

Also the Raise3D Pro2 plus works with the powerful slicer software, IdeaMaker. This fast software is by Raise3D itself developed. In this software you can adjust all settings and your 3D optimize drawing for 3D printing.

What's in the box?

  • Raise3D Pro2 Plus

  • Glass with protective foam

  • Filament

  • Nozzle cleaning kit

  • Tweezers

  • Filament holder

  • Build plate clips

  • Fan cover 

  • Power Cable

  • Hex Wrenches (3mm - 2.5mm - 2mm - 1.5mm)

  • Spade

  • USB stick

  • Fuse (15A - 10 A)

  • Filament guide tube

  • Build surface
  • Other accessories (spare parts).

For more information about the 

You can always request Raise3D Pro2 plus or request a quote Contact with us. 

Raise3D Pro2 Plus review.

The Raise3D Pro2 plus is high on our big 3D list printers. Because this 3D printer is one of the few professional large format 3D printers for a competitive price. Thanks to the large construction volume of 305 * 305 * 605mm, the Pro2 Plus competes with other printers such as the Zortrax M300 Plus, Modix Big 60 and the (consumer) Creality CR-10 S5.

The Raise3D Pro2 Plus can be found at companies focused on production and prototyping. The Pro2 Plus is really made to make.

The big advantages of the Raise3D Pro2 Plus are:

  • Excellent, consistent print quality.

  • Professional workflow.

  • Closed building chamber to maintain the temperature well.

  • Free choice of filaments, (material types and brands.)

  • Well-intrigued Ideamaker software.

  • HEPA filter

  • Strong, magnetic, heated print bed.

The print quality of the Raise3D Pro2 Plus varies a lot good to excellent. The print results live up to the professional image this sturdy built 3D printer radiates.

Do you love to perfect your settings? The ideamaker software gives you endless possibilities. Test with different filament properties and optimize the bed temperature for the perfect 3D print. Thanks to you do not need to use the built-in and even more downloadable material profiles get to work with the settings yourself. For anyone who just print, the default settings are available.

A small downside is that there are no large coils on the coil holders of the Raise3D Pro2 Plus. We ourselves mainly run with the 2.3kg PRO1 spools of Innofil3D. Two small holes have been made in the printer so that you can feed filament from outside the printer. This is not the most optimal solution but works.

In general, the negative points are negligible. Okay, the printer is not optimal for printing with large spools, there will be none message given when the print job is ready and the print quality is sometimes very good instead of excellent. 

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