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Designed for ease of use and High performance.

Hardened steel nozzle.

The high temperature steel nozzle opens the door to the use of advanced materials. The advanced auto leveling and calibration ensures high-quality and accurate parts.

Heated building chamber.

The heated building chamber of the PartPro300 ensures a constant temperature. This improves performance on complex shapes.

High performance dual extruder.

The high-quality (dual) extruder ensures that you can get started with advanced materials such as:

  • Carbon Fiber PLA

  • Metallic PLA

  • PETG

  • ABS

  • PLA

  • Tough PLA

  • Water soluble support filament.

Double capacity supports large 3D print jobs without interruption.

Two 3 kg spools fit in the filament box. This allows you to print very large print jobs without worrying about the filament feed. The Y connection ensures that you can continue printing with the other spool if the filament of one spool runs out. You can print continuously for up to 420 hours with the 

PartPro300 xT.


Hardened steel nozzle.

The high speed steel nozzles and the automatic calibration and leveling of the print bed ensure consistent quality and highly accurate 3D prints with numerous high-quality materials. Combined with the heated building chamber, an extremely high dimensional stability can be achieved.

Print with materials such as PLA, ABS, Flexible, PVA, Tough PLA, PETG, Carbon Fiber PLA and Metallic PLA. We supply preset profiles for these materials! Thanks to the steel nozzles and the heated space, you can achieve excellent results even with high-quality materials.

Print with carbon fiber reinforced filament!

Excellent strength and rigidity combined with excellent dimensional stability. The material offers a very good balance between strength and flexibility.

ABS also impresses with its excellent impact resistance. This material is best known for use in injection molding and has numerous applications. Ideally, this filament is suitable for functional prototypes, for example.

Tough PLA has a similar tensile strength to ABS and is much easier to 3D print. The material also has better flexural strength and is more stretchable than ABS. Functional prototypes with high demands on dimensional stability are the main applications of Tough PLA.

PETG impresses with impact resistance and a toughness comparable to ABS. The material also has high transparency and very low distortion. PETG is resistant to hydrolysis and therefore ideal for applications with water.

Metal PLA consists of 65% fine copper powder. The material has a very high density and can be polished after printing. This gives the object a shiny, metallic surface. The material is ideal for visual objects and sculptures.

Nylon - Excellent toughness and impact resistance! A material with excellent properties that previously could only be 3D printed using only industrial systems. The field of application of nylon ranges from prototypes to brackets to serial parts!

 All this makes the PartPro300 a serious machine for anyone who wants to produce at a professional level. 


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