DSM Novamid® ID 1070 (PA6) - White

DSMSKU: 80126

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm

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Novamid® ID1070 is a unique polyamide 6 filament. Originally this was developed as a special product to comply with the demand for high service levels in sectors such as the automotive industry and the electronics. Novamid® ID1070 is a very flexible, strong polymer that is suitable for harsh conditions and high temperatures, up to 150 ° C. This nylon filament has great coat-on-coat adhesion, strength and toughness. Also is Novamid® ID1070 extremely suitable for printing overhangs and bridges.

Examples of applications.

  • Automotive - Air intake parts, door handles, engine covers, radiator grilles, etc.

  • Electronics tools and parts - circuit breakers, connectors, conduits for wiring, cable protectors, etc.

  • Sport - Ski bindings etc.

Global printing guidelines.

  • Nozzle size: ≥ 0.4mm

  • Layer height: ≥ 0.1mm

  • Flow rate: ± 100%

  • Print temp: ± 245 - 285 ° C

  • Print speed: Medium / High

  • Retraction: Depends on printer and filament diameter.

  • Heat bed: ± 100-120 ° C

  • Fan speed: 0%

  • Experience level: Intermediate.

  • Printing surface: PEI sheet

  • Enclosed printer needed: Yes

  • Heated Build Chamber: Yes

Storage advice.

Novamid® ID1070 is supplied in an airtight, moisture resistant packaging with a moisture content <0.05 w%.

To prevent moisture absorption, the supplied packaging must kept closed and undamaged. The same reason must be partially used bags are sealed before being stored again. Let the material stored elsewhere will adapt to the temperature in the processing space while the bag remains closed. To absorb moisture condensation To avoid filaments, insert cold filaments down to ambient temperature the workplace while keeping the packaging closed.

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