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Ultimaker S5 3D printer

This renewed Ultimaker 3D printer has gotten a larger build volume. Namely 330 x 240 x 300mm. An intuitive 4.7 inch touchscreen is placed on the front. because of this you can still easily navigate through the menu. There is also a filament flow sensor added. The Ultimaker S5 is ideally suited for the office. The newest Ultimaker is of course also very user-friendly and delivers a very nice 3D print performance.

Sleek design with a spacious build volume.

The Ultimaker S5 is the largest Ultimaker ever. Because the building volume has been expanded to 330 x 240 x 300mm, you can you can print larger projects in one piece. Also, the Ultimaker S5 is largely Closed. The tinted glass doors optimize the airflow in the construction area. This ensures even better print results. Thanks to the LED lighting you can take a good look at the object during and after printing. Next to it is the push / turn knob replaced by a touchscreen.

Intuitive touchscreen.

With the 4.7 inch touchscreen, you can operate the Ultimaker S5 easier and faster. In addition the menu on many different languages. Including Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. So there is a good chance that you speak the same language as your Ultimaker S5.

Consistent print quality.

A larger build volume places more demands on the calibration. That is why the Ultimaker S5 has a multi-point leveling. This will create a very precise heightmap of your print bed. This promotes layer adhesion from the first layer. In addition to the well-known glass plate there is a 2e option for the print bed. You can now also print on an ultra-flat, anodised aluminum sheet. This one is foremost suitable for industrial filaments and applications. The well-known glass plate can u for the “regular” filaments.

Fewer failed print jobs.

Thanks to the new filament flow sensor, the Ultimaker S5 pauses when your filament runs out. This allows you can replace the filament when it suits you. Just like with the Ultimaker 3, this 3D printer also works with the interchangeable print cores. These pull themselves back when not in use. So that the 2e never print core it can interfere with printing. The NFC chip and EEPROM-CHIP monitor whether you have the has chosen the correct settings for the filament

3D Printing with composite filament. 

Printing with composite, also called reinforced filament, is becoming increasingly popular. With the Ultimaker CC print core you can also print with your Ultimaker s5 reinforced filament. For example, you can think of filaments enriched with carbon fibers. For these filaments a minimum nozzle size of 0.6mm is recommended and it is advisable to use a wear-resistant nozzle. That is why Ultimaker has developed the print core CC Red 0.6 mm. 

Connected everywhere and always.

The WiFi & LAN connection, together with the built-in camera, ensures that you can keep an eye on your print job from anywhere. In addition, you can track the progress also check through the new APP.

Via CURA Connect you can you can manage multiple 3D printers at the same time. As a result, the Ultimaker S5 combines, outstanding performance with ease of use and reliability. 

Ultimaker material alliance.

Ultimaker has entered into a material alliance with various filament manufacturers. This makes it even easier to use filament from others 3D print batches on your Ultimaker s5. The settings for this materials can be found in the Ultimaker Cura, completely free of charge slicer software, under the heading marketplace. A selection from the filaments of the Ultimaker material alliance are:

BASF Innofil3D

  • PAHT CF15

  • PET CF15

  • PPGF 30


  • Arnitel 2045

  • Arnitel 2060HT

  • Novamid 1030

  • Novamid 1030CF10


  • ApolloX

  • Galaxy PLA

  • Stonefil


  • Polycast

  • Polymide COPA
  • Polymide PA6 CF

Helpful Facts

  • Ultimaker s5 build volume: 330 x 240 x 300 mm.
  • Ultimaker s5 dimensions Dimensions: Width 495 mm, Depth 457 mm, Height520 mm.
  • Ultimaker s5 manual
  • Ultimaker s5 specs can be found in the "specifications" tab

Performance and applications.

The Ultimaker s5 is one of the most reliable and consistent 3D printers we use. Our s5 has been getting comprehensive for months used without our having to look after it. We don't even have one yet having to manually level the bed once. It's one every time a matter of loading filament, uploading a model and 3D printing.

The reason for this is simple. The Ultimaker s5 has been developed to make the 3D printing process reliable, efficient and consistent. His industrial mechatronics down to its perfectly tightened screws and meticulous chosen damping materials, everything about it is designed to perfection. The potential uses are endless. At the moment the Ultimaker S5 used in aerospace to accelerate innovation and production. It is used in workshops to create smart solutions for everyday issues. It is used in design studios to create art and in schools to improve the learning process of students.

Of course these are all single applications. The S5 also excels in a network, to enable small series production runs and improve the possibilities for prototyping. So-called '3D printer farms' are becoming more common and the S5 is a popular choice. Major brands that use Ultimaker 3D printers include Volkswagen, Zeiss, L'Oreal and Siemens. In between are thousands of smaller brands and startups. Because Ultimaker 3D printers are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the market in this range, they are widely applicable. Small businesses that might be interested to manufacture models and parts in it move your own home can do so without breaking the bank. Ultimately, there is no application that Ultimaker cannot excel at. It wide range of materials contributes to this.

Ultimaker S5 pro bundle

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is the complete business solution for effortless 3D printing with the highest quality results. In this Pro Bundle, the qualities of the Ultimaker S5 are optimized, thanks to the combination with the S5 Material Station and theS5 Air Manager.

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