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Raise3D filaments run-out sensor add-on

This filament run-out sensor from Raise3D helps you to get it get the most out of your filament. Thanks to this filament run-out sensor, your stop the printer when the filament runs out. This gives you the opportunity to renew the filament spool. After which you can continue with 3D printing. So you avoid failed print jobs and waste of filament due to a defect of filament.


This filament run-out sensor is suitable for the Raise3D N1, Raise3D N2 and the Raise3D N2 Plus. The filament is detected by qualitative sensors that can detect any filament type. So both opaque as well as translucent and even transparent filaments will are detected. This is done with an optical sensor to enable the printing process is not affected.

Large print job? No problem!

Large prints that require a lot of filament are none problem anymore. You can start the print job with confidence and go not constantly keeping up. Because once your Raise3D 3D printer needs extra filament printing stops thanks to the filament run-out sensor. So that you have a load a new roll of filament when it suits you. This is how you prevent it printing in the air when the filament runs out. Also filament types that are fast breakage is thus protected. As soon as the sensor detects that your filament has run out, the print job will be paused.

Increase your ROI with the filament run-out sensor.

Thanks to this filament run-out sensor, you waste less money / filament failed print jobs. Because the print job pauses when the filament running out. In addition, it is now also a lot easier to get the last leftovers can be used on the spool anyway. This way you get the most out of your Raise3D 3D printer.

Technical specifications of the filament run-out sensor.

Suitable for: Raise3D N1, Raise3D N2 and Raise3D N2 Plus.

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Filament types: Raise3D N-series compatible materials (including opaque, translucent, transparent and flexible)

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