PolyMaker PolyWood 600g

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Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm

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PolyWood is a wood look-a-like filament, which does not contain real wood. This gives PolyWood a beautiful finish, and there is no chance of permanent nozzle clogging.

There is 600 grams of filament on a spool of PolyWood!

Wood without mess

All already existing wood filament are based on wood-polymer composites, eg mixtures of polymer and wood powder. PolyMaker uses a completely different approach to production from PolyWood. Rather than using real wood, PolyMaker uses one unique foaming technology to produce some wood filament structurally imitates. PolyWood therefore consists entirely of polymers. It result is an excellent one print quality without the risk of nozzle blockages.

Light weight

PolyWood is the first, and until now please, the only thing 3d printable foam material. The density of PolyWood is average 0.8 g / cm3, this is 35-40% lighter than regular PLA. because of this PolyWood can offer a natural look of real wood.

Infinite possibilities

PolyWood does not contain real wood and because of this the color possibilities are endless. Because PolyWood foaming structures objects printed with PolyWood can have great surface finish to have. This is a very unique trait from other species woodfill filaments. Currently only the brown color is available. Maybe come there will be more PolyWood colors on the market later on.

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