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With the Mayku Formbox you can now make molds very easily of your 3D objects. This allows you to duplicate them very easily. With others materials such as soap, cement or chocolate.

How does the Mayku Formbox work?

  • Place the material in the Formbox and lift the tray up to it the heating element.

  • Place your design on the bed.

  • Heat the material until you see it soft and malleable begins to be.

  • Gently pull the drawer down over your design - it vacuum turns on automatically to create your very first shape.

  • Just use your own for vacuuming vacuum cleaner.

A good partner for next to your 3D printer.

The Formbox can also be used with models that are not compatible with a 3D printer. But right next to the 3D printer, the Formbox is good deployable. Suppose you want to make nicely shaped soaps. Then you design the mold digitally and print it with your 3D printer. To use this mold properly, stop these in the Formbox. This way you can go from prototype to one in no time functional mold.


Small but powerful.

The Formbox is very compact. Still, this one offers an advanced one production technology in your workshop.

You can set the time and temperature very precisely. This allows you to make molds of the same quality time and time again.

The FormBox has been carefully designed to handle such a complex process easy as possible, so you can focus on your ideas.

Connect any vacuum cleaner to the FormBox and use the fume hood to start your own desktop factory.

The FormBox has an internal auto vacuum system, close simply plug your vacuum cleaner into the port on the back and the suction starts exactly when you need it.

Work with many different materials.

  • Chocolate.

  • Concrete.

  • Used to be.

  • Plastic.

  • Soap.
  • And more…

For more information you can always Contact contact us or post our blog about the Mayku FormBox read.

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