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Magigoo PP-GF is designed to work exclusively with glass reinforced polypropylene filaments. This adhesive is for professional use, it ensures that the prints stick firmly when the print bed is hot and that the parts can be easily removed once it has cooled down. This unique and innovative mechanism means that no tools are required to remove the prints from the bed. They just pop off when the bed cools down.

Why Magigoo PP-GF?

Glass reinforcing polypropylene, acts as a thermally activated interfacial layer, allowing for better interactions, both at the micro and molecular level, between the print bed & materials Generally it is recommended to print at the temperatures recommended by the supplier of the filament. Printing conditions vary from one printer to another. 

To find the best temperature, start at the bottom of the recommended settings and increase the bed temperature in 5 ° C increments. This must be done with the standardized calibration prints.

An additional advantage of Magigoo glass-reinforced polypropylene, which is thermally activated, is that the print comes off during cooling. Again different printers, print surfaces or filaments will have a slightly different peel condition, but as a general rule, a 30 - 40 ° C drop should be enough to remove your prints without any hassle.

The best and most reliable performance is achieved when applied in a thin layer. This means that cleaning and reapplication between prints is recommended, especially on longer prints or more difficult to print media. 

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