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Magigoo Flex / TPU consists of a specialized composition and is designed to work exclusively with TPU's / FLEX, TPE & TPC filaments. With Magigoo Flex you apply a layer between the print bed and the printed part that ensures that after the bed has cooled down the prints are relatively easy to remove and the print bed can be easily cleaned.

Why Magigoo Flex?

TPU's / FLEX, TPE & TPC are thermoplastic rubbers. Thermoplastic rubbers exist as copolymers or a polymer mixture, usually of a plastic and a rubber. This confers both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. As a result, these materials have the advantage of being able to extend stretch to moderate stretch and return to the original shape.

In addition, these materials have a very high stability and chemical resistance and are cheaper to produce. As a result, these materials are highly sought after in industrial applications.

Some flexible filaments exhibit lower adhesion to conventional 3D printing beds and a high tendency to warp. Others usually stick too well to 3D printing beds such as glass and PEI. Magigoo Flex is a specialized solution for FDM printing of flexible filaments that has been developed to work with a wide variety of flexible filament types. Magigoo Flex acts as an intermediate layer between the build plate and the printed part, allowing good adhesion and facilitating the removal of prints if necessary.

How to use:

1. Shake the bottle

2. Apply to the desired area by pressing the tip onto the bed (activating the inner valve) and spreading as needed.

3. Print according to the recommended settings

4. Allow to cool and remove, the print should pop off immediately

5. Cleaning, use a damp cloth to remove the residue

Pay attention!

Using this product with filaments other than flexible filaments can cause over-adhesion and damage your print bed. 

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