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Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm
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HDglass is a special type of PETG filament. Thanks to unique composition it is an ultra-transparent, high-gloss and very strong 3D printer filament. Most people think by the abbreviation HD probably high definition. But in this case it stands for “Heavy Duty ”. This PETG filament has been developed for optimal thermal stability and flow perfectly through the nozzle. This makes HDglass a free easy to print filament. When you print with HDglass it will result look remarkably shiny and transparent. Also it will result in high temperature resistance, strength and toughness.

Brief explanation of the HDglass colors

HDglass is available in various colors. From extreme clear to opaque. To avoid confusion, we use the English terms that FormFutura has given to this PETG filament.

  • Clear - Transparent

  • See through - Translucent with a color

  • Stained - Slightly translucent with a color

  • Blinded - Opaque

Unique properties of HDglass.

  • Incredibly transparent with a glossy finish. This PETG filament allows 90% of the light through.

  • HDglass is easy to print.

  • HDglass has a good layer adhesion, both to the print surface as well as between layers. There is also the chance of deformation during printing very small.

  • In addition to being easy to print, you can also print on high print speed.

  • HDglass has no unpleasant smells during printing such as for example, ABS often has.

  • This PETG filament is stronger and tougher than comparable filaments.

  • It is possible to print waterproof objects.

Global printing guidelines for HDglass PETG filament.

  • Nozzle size: ≥ 0.15mm

  • Layer height: ≥ 0.1mm

  • Flow rate: ± 110%

  • Print temp: ± 195-225 ° C

  • Print speed: High

  • Retraction: Yes ± 6mm

  • Heat bed: ± 65-75 ° C

  • Fan speed: 50-100%

  • Experience level: Beginner

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