E3D M6 Brass Nozzle - 1.75 mm

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These nozzles are suitable for the Prusa i3 MK2, Prusa i3 MK3, Formbot raptor and E3D V5-V6.

These quality nozzles from PrimaCreator are excellent nozzles to replace your old nozzles. The quality of the nozzles can be more make a difference than you might expect. A good nozzle is necessary for this making good 3D prints.

The nozzles from PrimaCreator are made of high quality brass or steel (depending on which nozzle you choose.). These nozzles become produced with a tolerance of less than ± 0.01 mm. This ensures that your filament flows well and this of course results in a better print Results.

For optimal print quality, it is wise to use leveling the print bed after replacing the nozzle.

Making a PrimaCreator nozzle starts with a selected high quality material. When the material is the factory , there is first an optical inspection of the material for each batch nozzles will be used. Then it is time to fasten the material clamping, in other words, making it into a long rod. In our process this only happens once, in many other (cheaper) cases this has to be done process several times, often as much as 3-4 times and still you get not the same results.

After this process, the material goes through an ultrasonic cleaning bath and then it is cleaned again and protected from oxidation of it surface.

The mouthpiece now takes shape with millimeter precision, the tolerance is less than ± 0.01mm.

Removing sharp edges from the nozzles is one thing very important step as this is a big part of the result. If there too many sharp edges left on the nozzle will make the nozzle more susceptible are for blockages. So it is essential that the nozzle is very smooth and is clean before it is used. A few nozzles are included in each batch selected and cut in half to ensure that it fits each specification are met and that the surface is in perfect condition.

The nozzles are then used for the last time checked and individually packaged in a protective box - ready to ship to you to be shipped.

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