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The Creatbot D600 is an industrial quality 3D printer with the convenience of a desktop printer. Creatbot is the first company to use ultra makes high print temperatures accessible to the general public. The nozzle of the Creatbot D600 can be heated up to 400 ° C.

Thanks to the linear articulated rail, it is possible to be very precise printed. This system is up to 50 times more accurate than the printers with an optical axis.

The building volume is enormous. Namely 600x600x600mm. Right away very efficient platform consisting of a metal base, a heating plate, a glass bed and a buildtak layer. The printer has a vertical thermal conductivity for optimum temperature. It is also possible to expanding the heated bed after a certain number of layers.

The Creatbot D600 has a dual extruder with a nozzle that can be heated up to 400 ° C. This makes your filament choice even more more extensive. The nozzle is adjustable in height. The hotend is made of metal and therefore lasts much longer.

You can operate the Creatbot D600 very well with the 4.3 ”touchscreen simple. For example, you can preheat the printer with 1 button or a start print job.

If the power fails, this is not a disaster. The printer will turn itself off nicely and remember where the print job remained. The filament is then withdrawn so that it cannot leak on your model. The platform is lowered. As the power is back, you can resume the print. The Creatbot D600 has itself if the filament runs out. The print job will then pause so that you can save the filament roll can be changed. When your print job is ready, the printer can turn itself off to save energy.

The frame of the Creatbot D600 is made of steel. This provides a more stable print result. But also increases the lifespan of the printer. The first batch of Creatbot printers have been working for 5 years and have more than 8000 hours printed.

Because the printer is completely closed, you will not suffer from this external influences such as temperature fluctuations or drafts. This also mutes the noise during printing.

The Creatbot D600 works with 3.0mm filament only 1.75mm optional. The filament types supported are.

  • PLA

  • ABS

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Wood

  • Nylon

  • PC

  • PTEG

  • HIPS

  • PP

  • Flexible

  • TPU

  • PVA

  • and more.

The software included is CreatWare Multi-language.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x CreatBot D600 Dual extruders packed in a wooden crate.

  • 1 x SD card

  • 1 x USB cable

  • 1 x Power cable

  • 1 x Tool set

  • 1 x Instruction Manual

  • 2 x rolls of 1 kg 3.00 mm filament 

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