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The BCN3D Sigmax R19 is a highly productive, versatile and professional FFF 3D desktop printer. The Sigmax R19 has two independent extruders. Partly because of this, this printer is very versatile.

Large build volume

The Sigmax has become a very wide 3D printer. The build volume is 420x297x210mm, allowing you to print large objects but also multiple objects at the same time.

IDEX increases your productivity

IDEX stands for independent dual extruder. Thanks to these independent extruders you can significantly increase your productivity. It is possible to use: 

  • Duplicate mode - print two identical models at the same time.
  • Mirror mode - print two symmetrically mirrored models at the same time.
  • Soluble supports fashion - print soluble models.

It is also possible to work with two different filaments at the same time. This way you can combine two colors or two completely different types of filaments. You can think of a support material or, for example, a sturdy and flexible filament.

Interchangeable hotends

With the wide choice of hotends that you can order, there is always a suitable hotend for your project. The hotends are easy to replace and available from 0.3mm to 1.0mm. The 0.3mm is especially suitable for detailed precision work. The 1.0mm is recommended for projects where the speed of printing is especially important.

2.85mm filaments

The Sigmax R19 is suitable for printing 2.85 ± 0.05 mm filaments. The types of filaments with which you can start printing are for example.

  • PLA 
  • ABS 
  • PVA
  • Co-polyester
  • Nylon
  • TPU
  • HIPS
  • Specials


The Sigmax R19 works with an open source slicing software based on the well-known Cura. Some specific adjustments have been made so that the software fits well with the BCN3D Sigmax r19.

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