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The BCN3D Epsilon is one powerful, professional 3D printer. Specially designed to handle large parts produce with industrial grade materials. This becomes possible, among other things created by the fully enclosed, passively heated building chamber. Thanks to the IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) system delivers the BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer very much strong, precise, high-quality functional parts.


The BCN3D Epsilon is designed to help professionals innovate even more. This industrial production machine is powerful, reliable and very accurate. Take advantage of unparalleled performance on your workbench.

BCN3D is already producing years of very qualitative 3D printers such as the Sigma and Sigmax. Based on these 3D printers, the Epsilon is designed. This new generation of 3D printer combines improved performance, industrial reliability and complete accessibility for trouble-free daily operation.

This complete professional 3D printing solution has been developed to innovators - from manufacturers to engineers to designers - enable easily functional make parts, prototypes, manufacturing molds and tools; and all it any other that you can imagine, with the fastest throughput for maximum efficiency.

BCN3D Epsilon is one FFF 3D printer, ideal for a workbench environment, suitable for use in prototyping applications and small batch project production with the most advanced materials.

Thanks to IDEX technology which enables the duplication mode and mirror mode and the large build volume, the BCN3D Epsilon can provide the best number of solutions for different markets.

Applications for the BCN3D Epsilon.

  • Ideal for the end Products. Print with fiber reinforced materials for very durable components.

  • Ideal for small serial production. Combine the best industrial filaments with the duplication and mirror mode.

  • Ideal for tooling. Ability to print with different nozzles to produce ultra resistant parts.

  • Ideal for prototyping. Print with ABS, PP and PA for the best prototypes.

A scalable production solution.

Giant print volume

The BCN3D Epsilon has one of the largest building volumes in the market, no less than 420x300x400mm. Print large parts with water soluble support or print multiple parts on the build plate.

Powerful IDEX Technology.

The combination of this gigantic build volume and the Independent Dual Extrusion technology, what allows duplication and mirror mode, the BCN3D Epsilon the perfect tool for cost-efficient batch production.

Completely closed, passively heated construction room.

The completely closed housing ensures that heat is retained, allowing temperature reach up to 60 ° C. This makes it possible to print large parts or functional ones parts made from specialized industrial grade materials.

Industrial applications at your fingertips with the new Hotend X.

Install the Hotend X on your BCN3D Epsilon for printing fiber-filled materials, for firmer ones components.

Safety first.

HEPA and Carbon filter.

Especially when there printing is going to be made with fiber-filled filaments, safety is a must guaranteed. That is why the BCN3D Epsilon is equipped with a HEPA filter and Carbon filter to filter harmful particles and odors from the air.

Safety pause.

The safety pause is one convenience that ensures that printing is automatically paused when the door of the 3D printer is opened. 

Full connectivity for a seamless workflow.

BCN3D Cloud & Wireless printing.

The BCN3D Epsilon 3D printer is equipped with the latest connectivity features. Easily send your print files from anywhere, with our new BCN3D cloud service, and do it via wifi for the most hassle-free workflow.

You can also forget about manual firmware upgrades: if you chose to have them, our Over The Air (OTA) updates will make sure that your 3D printer is always up to date.

5 “Multilingual touchscreen.

Integrated into the front panel, a responsive multilingual 5 "touch screen makes operation effortless, and informed - you can just swipe through menus and tap options to select them. Detailed information, such as the build plate and nozzle temperature keeps you up to date about jobs in progress and allows you to take action easily.

Designed to perform. Enabling innovation.

Bondtech ™ Extruders and e3D ™ Hotends.

The BCN3D Epsilon counts on a high performing extrusion system, using the high-tech Dual Drive Gears by Bondtech and e3D ™ hotends. As a result, the BCN3D Epsilon offers a solid and reliable outcome, no matter the filament used.

Filament Runout Sensor.

A built-in filament runout sensor intelligently detects the presence of material. To save your print if a material runs out, the BCN3D Epsilon will automatically pause the printing process and display a message warning about the lack of filament.

Heated bed up to 120ºC.

The BCN3D Epsilon is equipped with a heated bed that can reach up to 120ºC, ideal to print with engineering-grade materials and avoid warping issues.

Aluminum frame.

Sturdy aluminum frame for guaranteed strength and durability on your workfloor.


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