BASF Ultrafuse TPC 45D - Apricot Skin

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Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm

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Innoflex 45 is one flexible filament with a hardness of 45D on a Shore scale. Innoflex 45 is extremely suitable for printing miniature, for example wheels, armbands and drive belts. Innoflex 45 is extremely flexible and can very often bent due to the good layer adhesion.

Unique properties

  • Extremely flexible filament

  • Hardness of 45D on Shore scale

  • Suitable for flexible parts that are often bent

  • 50% lower carbon footprint as comparable co-polyesters

Global print guidelines

  • The nozzle very close to the print bed. (With some printers we do the “normal leveling ”before putting tape on the bed.)

  • Print temperature 230-250 ° C

  • Print speed 30-40mm / s

  • Heated bed 0-30 ° C + tape

  • Flow 125-150% (via the printer)
  • We recommend the use of a brim. 

Technical data

Flexible filament.

Innoflex 45 is a flexible, rubber-like elastomer material with different levels of stiffness.

This flexible filament has a Shore hardness of 45D (slightly harder than 40D), it is made from Arnitel®Eco. Arnitel®Eco is a partial biobased Thermoplastic Copolyester Elastomer (TPC) plastic, that is derived from rapeseed oil and combines the best properties of elastomers (rubbers) and polyesters.

This material has excellent adhesion in the Z direction. This means that the layers will not come off, even when extreme deformation.

Innoflex45 flexible filament is ideally suited for the 3D printing of miniature tires, drive belts, bracelets and other parts which must be extremely flexible and will often be bent.


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