BASF Ultrafuse 316 L

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Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm

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Ultrafuse is developed for easy printing with the usual FFF 3D printers. Ultrafuse 316L is an innovative filament for the production of 316L quality steel parts.

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Ultrafuse 316L combines great design freedom with a low cost of ownership. The 3D printed parts get their final properties, such as the hardness and strength, through a debinding and sintering process developed by BASF, dat has emerged as the industry standard. Like a filament, Ultrafuse 316 L 80% stainless steel and it has a polymer content of 20%, this is It's easy to 3D print with many open FFF desktop 3D printers.


Examples of applications for Ultrafuse 316L:

  • Tooling.

  • Fixtures.

  • Serial production.

  • Functional components.

  • Prototypes.


Ultrafuse 316L profitable because:

This metal filament works with any open FFF printer for low hardware investment means.

We use a highly efficient and well-established post-processing technology used in the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) industry. Since this is a filament material handling much safer and very simple. This makes an easy one material exchange possible compared to fine metal powders

Advantages of Ultrafuse 316L:

  • It's about it generally 1.4 to 2 times cheaper than most metal powders, with less investments in hardware.

  • There is a significant one cost advantage for small and medium components.

  • The total production costs decrease significantly when larger batches are made.

  • With additive manufacturing allows you to make completely stainless steel parts with high degree of complexity.

 BASF Ultrafuse 316L documents

BASF 3D Printing Solutions bundles BASF research opportunities with experience in industrial applications provide customers with a one-stop shop for all additive manufacturing technologies.

  • Metal-polymer composite.

  • No unbound metal particles.

  • Affordable and Simple.

  • Patent-pending filament morphology for printability to improve.

Ultrafuse 316L has the following properties:

  • Manufactures 316L stainless steel parts

  • Tensile strength of 561 MPa

  • Yield strenth or 251 MPa

  • Vickers hardness or 128 HV10

  • Elongation at break of 53%

Ultrafuse 316L Ultimaker

Ultrafuse 316L can be printed with the Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle, Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker S3. Besides the Ultimaker 3D printers, the 316L filament can also be printed on many other 3D printers with a open filament system. 

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