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3D printing service Netherlands.

Are you looking for a 3D printing service in the Netherlands? Then you can contact SEEDA's 3D printing service . SEEDA 3D Printing Solutions represents our professional line of 3D printers. Offering real 3D printing solutions also includes a 3D printing service. Ideal for anyone who wants to print something but does not have a printer, has (temporarily) undercapacity with their own 3D printers or needs another technique.

The techniques available with our 3D printing service are:

  • FDM
  • SLS
  • Binder Jetting
  • HIgh Speed ​​SLA

By dealing efficiently with our production capacity, we can get started with your print job very quickly. Other customers have already preceded you with, for example; series productions of 200 pieces but also unique one-off prints. Thanks to our years of experience with 3D printers and extensive material knowledge, no assignment is too crazy for us.

How does our 3D printing service work?

If you have the 3D file, we can print it. There are two options to use our 3D printing service. You can upload your 3D file (.stl file) here and request a quote. Our 3D print specialist will then prepare a tailor-made offer for you. It is also possible to use our online cost calculator. So that you immediately know what your order will cost. You can choose from the various techniques in our 3D printing service. Select your desired material and in some cases even the color.

Any post-processing is also an option.

The many advantages of our 3D printing service.

A major advantage of having us 3D printed is that you do not have to make any investments yourself. You don't have to buy any material and you don't have to buy a professional 3D printer. We have this in stock for you. In addition, we also have years of experience to achieve the maximum print quality.

FDM 3D printing service

Our very popular FDM 3D printing service is used for a variety of purposes. Think of rapid prototyping, series production and beautiful aesthetic designs. Our FDM printers work with a wide range of filaments. From standard materials to engineering polymers.

Have SLS 3D printed.

Growing in popularity is our SLS 3D printing service. SLS is mainly used for applications produced from polyamide. But flexible parts are also on the rise. SLS offers greater design freedom over FDM. This technique is also ideal for mechanical parts.

Binder jet 3D printing service

With the binder jet technique we offer full color 3D printing service. This innovative binder jetting technology offers geometric freedom for complex designs. This not only results in the most economical solution for various industries and applications, but also optimizes the production process.

3D prototyping

Also known as rapid prototyping. Thanks to the 3D printing technique, prototypes can be produced cheaper and faster than with traditional techniques. Thanks to our 3D printing service, you can now easily take advantage of this. In addition to excellent production quality, we also offer very fast deliveries. So that you can quickly continue with your prototype. Do you want to use our rapid prototyping techniques? Request a completely non-binding quote.

Obligation free quote.

Go to the SEEDA 3D Print Service, upload your file and request a non- binding quote immediately. Our 3D print service employee will contact you as soon as possible.

For urgent orders it is advisable to contact us by phone after uploading. So that we can see how we can serve you the fastest and best.

Order 3D print

You can order your 3D prints quickly and easily via SEEDA 3D Printing Solutions. You upload your 3D drawing to us and you will quickly receive a customized quote in your mailbox. It is also possible to use the online price calculator. This way you can immediately see the 3D printing costs of your model.

3D printing costs

Based on a 3D drawing, we can quickly calculate the 3D printing costs. The cost of a 3D print depends on a few factors. As you might expect, seating and price differ between the different techniques. The most requested techniques with us are SLS, FFF/FDM and DLP/SLA at the moment. In addition to the technology, the material costs also play a major role. PLA 3D prints are of course a lot cheaper than polyamide 3D prints. Accuracy and geometry can also influence the price if you order a 3D print.

Sometimes we also receive price requests by telephone. A rough estimate can sometimes be made. But to get a good idea of ​​the 3D printing costs, it is a lot easier for us, and for you, if you send us a 3D drawing (eg .stl file).