Ultimaker Material Alliance

Ultimaker has been busy with a material alliance for some time now. In this material alliance Ultimaker works closely with selected filament products. Together, the optimal print settings are determined, making it easier to print various materials on the Ultimaker 3D printers. All this is intended to make these 3D printers even more accessible for challenging applications.

An example of a material from this alliance is the BASF PET CF filament. A PET filament reinforced with carbon fiber. The settings for this can already be easily downloaded via Cura. “Marketplace > Materials > BASF > and install the PET CF material profile.”

In addition to our BASF filament, Cura also offers profiles for DSM filament and Elogio AM filament . The list is not complete yet, but we are working on it. For example, it was recently announced at the TCT ASIA in Shanghai that the polymaker filament will also be included in the material alliance.

Are you looking for a material profile that is not yet in Cura? Ask us, we have various profiles ready.

Update April 5, 2019:

Ultimaker announced this week (during the Hannover Messe,) that 80 manufacturers are already participating in the Ultimaker Material Alliance. Launched in April 2018, the program responds to the growing demand for filaments for industrial applications. Among these manufacturers are large companies such as BASF & DSM. This Material Alliance makes it more accessible to 3D print with a wide range of filaments. This open material strategy of Ultimaker is mainly intended for 3D printer filaments with special properties, for specific applications. You can think of heat resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, shock resistance and durability.