Mayku FormBox Thermovormer

The Mayku FormBox

This Mayku FormBox is the ideal partner for next to your 3D printer. With the FormBox you can transform your 3D prints in a mold within minutes. Without having to perform additional software or digital actions. Thanks to the desktop size of this thermoformer, you can do this almost anywhere. For example in your studio or in your living room.

The Mayku FormBox is a compact thermoformer and works with your vacuum cleaner. This means you do not need an industrial installation. Have you come up with a nice design for soaps, chocolates or, for example, a bowl? Bring it to life with the Mayku FormBox. The process is actually quite simple. With the 4 step plan below, you can turn your 3D print into a true mold.

1. Make a print of your design with your 3D printer and place it on the appropriate area in the FormBox.
2. Place the material you want to use to create your idea at the top of the FormBox.
3. Connect a regular vacuum cleaner to create vacuum pressure.
4. Slide the material you want to form over the mold and your first idea has become reality!

Who is the Mayku FormBox suitable for?

Actually for everyone with good / creative ideas. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or hobbyist. Schools can also benefit from this handy Mayku FormBox. You can shape and start using your ideas in no time. Use your creativity without limits.

This is of course a great opportunity for schools to bring students into contact with the latest technologies. So that they will be well prepared for the future.

The Mayku FormBox can also be used without a 3D printer. (But that's less fun) Because of course you can also make a design with your own crafting skills that you want to have a mold of. As in the chocolate example below.

Have you been interested in this fantastic and innovative product? Or would you like to receive more information about it? Which can! Contact us via the contact page and we will be happy to help you.

Benefits of the Mayku Formbox

  • Speed ​​up your prototyping process.
    Create quick product prototypes with a fantastic finish to make your idea tangible.​
    Bring your ideas to life and convince your customers and yourself!
  • Work with different materials.
    There are various materials available to make your molds with. You can then use those molds to convert your idea into products made of concrete, plaster, soap, chocolate, candles, etc.
  • A perfect buddy for your 3D printer.
    Take the next step in desktop production. Print your designs quickly and easily with your 3D printer. Then you can easily change these 3D prints into true moulds.
  • Small powerful.
    The Mayku FormBox provides access to advanced production technology. Yet the FormBox is extremely suitable for your desk and takes up less space than a laptop.
  • Making molds has never been so easy.
    The FormBox is designed to make the process as easy as possible. So that you can fully focus on coming up with creative ideas.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner.
    With this technique it is necessary to create a vacuum. The FormBox does this using your own vacuum cleaner. This means that no expensive installation is required to start your own desktop factory.
  • Automatic switch.
    The Mayku FormBox has an internal auto-vacuum system. Connect the vacuum cleaner to the port on the back and the suction starts exactly when you need it.