Het PET filament van Innofil3D is verkozen tot het beste PET filament

View our PET(G) filament range or read below what the best PET(G) filament is according to ALL3DP. Spoiler alert, our best-selling Innofil3D pet filament scores fantastic!

Most users of desktop 3D printers are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of PLA and ABS filaments. However, when it comes to producing flexible and durable parts, PET is an increasingly popular filament.

Once you have figured out which filament type you need, the next step comes: selecting which filament brand you want to use. With an endless barrage of coils on the consumer market, sifting through them all can be a tall order.

3D printing with PETG filament.

For this comparison, various PETG filaments from various manufacturers have been tested.

Innofil EPR InnoPET emerged as the best in this test. Both in terms of mechanical and aesthetic properties.

Innofil EPR InnoPET – Green

“Innofil3D EPR InnoPET has been rated as the best PETG in the ALL3DP Filament Face-Off and offers the best combination of mechanical strength and visual appeal.”

InnoCircle rPET – Blue

“The InnoCircle rPET filament is not only visually and mechanically striking, it is produced from recycled water bottles. This filament is durable and offers high performance”

The full test and review can be read on the ALL3DP website. You can find this article with the link below.

Filament Face-Off – The Best PETG Filament Tested & Reviewed

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