Formfutura in Ultimaker Material Alliance

FormFutura participates in the Ultimaker Material Alliance program

Three filament types from FormFutura have been added to the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program. The settings for these filaments can now be found (for free) in the Ultimaker Marketplace. Ultimaker and Formfutura have entered into this alliance to meet the growing demand for industrial quality and to make these materials compatible with Ultimaker 3D printers.

This means that these three filaments are listed in the Ultimaker software (Cura) and that the 3D printer settings are offered. This allows everyone to achieve the optimal 3D printing result when these materials are printed on an Ultimaker 3D printer.

The ambition of FormFutura is to be “the brand” for 3D printer filaments. FormFutura is constantly looking for new and innovative products, technology and service to raise 3D printing standards and expand the field of application. Product innovation is essential to achieve this goal, but in addition their focus is on progressive support solutions. FormFutura wants to proactively share knowledge and the Ultimaker Material Alliance program is an initiative that fits perfectly with this vision to provide forward-thinking support solutions.

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