Best sites for free stl files

Looking for fun ideas to print? Check out our top 5 search engines for downloading 3D printer models here.

This selection has been made based on what we consider to be the best collection sites for stl files and other 3D printable files. Nice websites to visit on a rainy Sunday afternoon and spend hours looking around. Because the range of fun ideas for 3D printing is huge.

Thingiverse for example only has free 3D printer models. But there are also sites that offer paid and free files. Often there is also the opportunity to earn money with your own designs.

If you have a tip for a site we missed, we'd love to hear it. So that we can keep updating this page.

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The largest collection of 3D printer models can be found at Thingiverse. With about 1 million STL files there is a lot to find. In fact, the chance that you will find something is greater than the chance that it is not there yet. For many people this is the first site where they start looking for a 3D design. Thanks to the large community of designers who offer their designs for free, this site is number 1 for us. Even if you are not a designer yourself, you can create an account to show which thingiverse designs you have printed.

Free 3D printer models at: Thingiverse


MyMinifactory is a website with over 45,000 free 3D printer files. The community that makes and uploads the designs seem to come mainly from the gaming culture. In addition to the free files, there is also a wide range of files that can often be purchased for a few euros. These files are designed by professional designers and quality tested before being offered. This website is therefore very interesting for designers to earn something with their designs. A design challenge is also regularly organized by MyMiniFactory. Another great initiative is “Scan the world”.

Scan the world's mission is to archive objects of cultural significance using 3D scanning technology. These 3D scans are then processed for printing.

Download 3D printer models at: MyMiniFactory


CGTrader is a marketplace to buy and sell 3D designs. In addition to models for 3D printing, other 3D designs can also be found here. Luckily for us, there are many printable designs to be found. With over 50,000 designs, there is plenty of choice.

Download 3D designs at: CGTrader


Cults is a community and 3D printer file marketplace. Free stl files are shared but also sold. With over 25,000 free 3D printer models, 3d printing does not have to be an expensive hobby. These models are also often of very good quality. It is also possible to follow your favorite designers here. So that you automatically get an update when a new design is uploaded. There are also a lot of 3D models around well-known brands such as IEA, LEGO and GoPro.

Download 3D printer models at: Cults3D

pin shape

Pinshape calls itself a “3D marketplace full of high-quality designs.” There are also plenty of free STL files to download here. There is a large collection of games, miniatures, gadgets, art and things for the home. In addition to the free designs, there are also designs for which the designer charges a fee. Pinshape's blog is also highly recommended to read.

Download STL files from Pinshape .

3D printing service

Don't have a 3D printer (yet)? Then you can of course also choose to have a file made by a 3D printing service. Read our blog about 3D printing .