3D printer voor architecten

3D printing for architects.

3D printers are ideal for making scale models and models. In this way you can convert your drawings into a tangible model in a very short time. The digital drawings are often already available anyway and with a few adjustments they can often already be printed. In this way you no longer have to have a model made, but you can 3D print the model yourself.

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Cheap models.

3D models replace the handmade and labour-intensive scale models. This way you can save a lot of money, time and energy. Depending on the size and details, you can have a printed scale model in your hands in just a few hours. The printer turns your 3D drawing into a tangible product, while you can focus on other things. Because 3D printing is relatively cheap and fast. You can easily print models in various stages.

Why choose a 3D printer for models?

  • Remove doubt with a physical object.
  • It's easy to make one or 20 copies.
  • It shortens the development process.
  • Get the freedom to create complex shapes, with detail on a large or small scale.
  • It is environmentally friendly and cost efficient.
  • Create models at a lower cost and faster turnaround time than traditional production.

Which 3D printer is suitable for architecture?

Of course, it is important that the printer has a large enough build volume. This means you will have to assemble as little as possible after 3D printing. A double extruder is also recommended. So that you can work with a (dissolvable) support material to support complex overhangs. Optionally, this also offers the option to print 2 colors.

In addition, ease of use will also play a role. In principle, you can make models with almost any 3D printer. The only question is how much time you want to spend on the 3D printer. That is why it is advisable to look especially at the more professional 3D printers. Which are more geared to ease of use and worry-free production.

3D printed floor plan

Have a model made

If you are still in doubt about what a 3D printer can do for your architectural office. It is of course also possible to have a model 3D printed by us. So that you can judge the quality of 3D printed models yourself. We can print an example model for you as shown in the photo above. But it is of course even more fun to print one of your designs. Please feel free to contact us about having a model printed.

Popular 3D printer for architects.

Many architects use an Ultimaker 3D printer. Most use the Ultimaker 3 or the newer Ultimaker s5. They mainly choose the Ultimaker because of its ease of use, sufficient build volume and the double print head. The ease of use is further enhanced because Ultimaker already has the settings for their own materials in the software. The software was also developed by Ultimaker itself, so that everything fits together perfectly. If desired, it is of course also possible to work with other filaments such as that from innofil3D. There are often ready-made settings for this.

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