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Have your model - 3D printed

There are of course various reasons why 3D printing can be better for you. Because you need a 3D print once, don't have a 3D printer (yet), want to try a different technique or maybe you need to print more 3D than your 3D printers can handle. At times like this it is ideal to use a 3D printing service. Like our 3D printing service via Admod3D .




Have FDM 3D printed.

For the time being, the most commonly used technique is still FDM 3D printing. A major advantage of FDM is that it is relatively cheap. There are also many different materials (filaments) available. Having a 3D print made using the FDM technique is suitable for many applications. The main applications are rapid prototyping, confirming a 3D design and small series production.

Frequently chosen materials for an FDM 3D print are: PLA, ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon and PETG.


Order SLS 3D printing.

Increasing in popularity is SLS 3D printing. With Selective Laser Sintering, a powder (often Nylon or TPU) is fused together in the desired shape using a laser. The advantage of this technique is enormous design freedom. There is no need to install a support structure, so that the most complex shapes can simply be printed. Moving parts can also be printed in one go without any problems. However, this is generally a somewhat more expensive technique. In addition to more expensive hardware and material costs, this SLS 3D printing also requires more actions from the user. Compared to, for example, FDM 3D printing.

An SLS printer is used for both prototypes and (small) series production of functional parts with good mechanical properties. An SLS printer can print the most complex shapes without the need for support material.


Have SLA/DLP 3D printed.

SLA and DLP use liquid resins that are cured in the desired shape. DLP does this one entire layer at a time. With SLA, the model is, as it were, drawn with a laser. This makes DLP 3D printing a lot faster. SLA & DLP are mainly used for small parts with microscopic details. For example for jewelry.

Do you want to have a functional part 3D printed? Then SLA/DLP is often not the best choice. These printed parts are very brittle. This technique is therefore mainly chosen because of the excellent details and an injection-mould-like finish.


Binder Jetting 3D printing service.

Binder Jetting is the most commonly used technique for full-color parts. Binder Jetting offers complete design freedom.


Have a 3D drawing made.

A 3D drawing is made using CAD software. For example, a free and online CAD software tool is Tinkercad. This allows you to start making 3D drawings in an accessible way. Of course there are also more extensive programs available. Instead of drawing yourself, you can of course also outsource it. Our field is not (yet). But once you have a 3D drawing, we have the 3D printer. To buy or you can have us make the 3D print.


Sample 3D print.

Our 3D printing service started to convince people of our 3D printers. Although 3D printing techniques have been around for a long time, using them is still new for many. Then it is of course nice to have a test 3D print made. Before you buy a 3D printer. This way you can take a good look at whether the 3D printer that caught your eye also meets your requirements and wishes. Because we like to offer a suitable solution, we started printing samples.

Undercapacity 3D printers.

We hear it more and more from our business customers. Due to (temporary) busyness, they are short of production capacity. Buying an extra 3D printer is not always the most ideal solution (especially with temporary crowds). Our 3D printing service does. We usually have a free 3D printer in our showroom/production area. So that we can quickly help to remedy the undercapacity.


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